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A container water garden is a great addition to any yard.


Container gardening is a great hobby. Consider a container water garden...

Create a water garden without digging holes.

If you are looking to create a water garden, but you don?t want to deal with digging holes in your yard, then you may want to make a container water garden instead. There are several major advantages to having a container water garden instead of a regular water garden. Therefore, even if you do have the space and don?t mind digging holes in your yard, you should consider getting a container water garden instead of the regular kind.

Find the right container.

You can make a container water garden out of almost any water-tight container. One thing you should consider, however, is that the types of plants and fish that you want to put in your water garden should have a big part to  play in your container water garden ideas. For example, larger fish, like koi, will need a deeper container in order to have an appropriately sized pond. Common goldfish, on the other hand, can live easily in a shallow container water garden.

Add fish to your container water garden.

In fact, adding fish to your water garden is one of the best container water garden ideas. This is due to the fact that fish will eat mosquito larvae. Since standing water can result in an increase in the mosquito population, it?s beneficial to keep fish in your container water garden.

More container water garden ideas.

If you?re looking for more great container water garden ideas, you may want to think about getting a small waterfall. You?ll definitely want a small pump to add air to the water ? if you don?t, then your water garden will stagnate, and your fish won?t have enough oxygen to breathe. Adding a small decorative waterfall, or even just a discrete pump can help mix oxygen into the water.

Pay attention to the amount of light your container water garden receives.

Make sure that you pay attention to the amount of light that your container water garden is going to receive before you make a decision on what types of plants you want to put in it. Flowering plants, for example, are going to need more sunlight. Once you?ve decided on the plants, container, location and fish, putting together your own beautiful container water garden should be easy and fun.


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