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Perennial Plants do not Have to Break the Bank

If you are like most gardeners you will want to include perennial plants in your garden plans. Perennial plants are a staple for most gardeners and there is quite a bit of information about perennial gardening available.

The first thing that you will notice when you go to purchase your perennial plants is that they are more expensive than the annual plants that are also in the nursery. However, this is for a good reason. The investment is usually more for perennial garden plants because they last year after year, and season after season. Annual plants only last one season, and this is why they are cheaper.

There are ways to stock your garden with perennial plants less expensively of course. You could buy perennial seeds and attempt to germinate them at flower and fruit gardening guides home. It is possible to germinate and grow perennial seeds at flower and fruit gardening guides home; however it is typically more difficult than starting annual seeds. Perennial seeds require a lot of patience and some seed types involve very specific care.

If you do not want to go through the extra work to start your perennial plants by seed than there are other inexpensive ways to begin perennial gardening. An excellent way to acquire more perennial plants is by dividing plants that you have or divide some from a neighbor or friends garden. Perennials often need to be divided to encourage more growth.

When you are buying perennial plants from a garden center you can save money by purchasing smaller plants instead of the larger more established selections. Smaller plants are just as healthy although they may require a little more patience on your part while you wait for them to mature.

Perennial plants are very rewarding and perennial gardening does not have to break the bank if you choose your plants smartly, and remember that they are an investment.


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