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Garden Edging ? The Finishing Touch


To cleanly define your flower beds and gardens from lawn and paved areas, some kind of edging material can be used. Garden edging can be an integral part of your overall yard design, giving your garden a distinctive landscaped finish.

There are two basic types of garden edging - raised or flush. Raised edging can be helpful in containing soil within a garden bed, while flush edging can be run over with the lawn mower, eliminating the need for trimming.

Garden edging can be made from a variety of materials. Flush edging is often made of stone or concrete, and is set into the ground. Raised edging, on the other hand, can be made from brick, steel, plastic, or even recycled tires. Lawn mowers can't cut right next to raised edging, so the lawn will need to be trimmed where it meets the edging material.

One of the simplest types of garden edging are plastic wedges that can be driven into the soil next to a flower bed. These interlocking pieces are hammered into the soil with a rubber mallet and can be placed in a straight line or around curves.

Another type of garden edging that is easy to install is iron scroll edging. These ornamental hoop designs simply push into the soil and provide an instant border around lawn or flower bed edges. Look for the type with powder coating to provide greater resistance against rusting and corrosion.

If you prefer to make your own garden edging, you can buy or collect stones and set them into the soil. The most suitable stones for edging purposes have at least one flat surface, but slightly rounded stones can also be used. Make sure that they don't project too high above the surface of the soil so that you can pass your lawn mower over them without the blades hitting the stones.

It's amazing how garden edging can provide the ?final finish? to your yard. It gives a clean, professional look that makes your garden stand apart from the rest.

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