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With a Little Care, a Tree Seedling is an Excellent Addition to Any Garden

So you just moved into a new flower and fruit gardening guides home and it is everything you ever wanted, except for one thing, there are no trees in the yard! Trees are more than just plants in your backyard, they are essential landscaping ingredients and they contribute so much to a yard. By planting a tree seedling you will soon be able to enjoy the benefits from a tree.

Tree seedlings are an inexpensive solution

A tree seedling is an inexpensive solution to achieving the lush foliage that you desire. It is possible to have large trees that are much more established brought into your yard; however that will cost substantially more than caring for a seedling tree.

How to care for your tree seedlings

Caring for a tree seedling does not have to be very difficult if you prepare the location well and take care. The most important thing to decide on when planting a tree is the location. You must take time and care in choosing the proper location. If you have a shady spot, you will require trees for shade, likewise for a sunny location. But sunshine is not the only factor to take into consideration; you should also take note of the wind exposure. Some tree seedlings will not thrive where they are exposed to windy conditions.

It is very important to dig a hole large enough for the root structure of the seedling tree. A slow release fertilizer tablet placed in the hole, with a little bit of soil on top will provide excellent nutrition for the seedling. It is important not to trim the tree seedling roots if it can be helped; the seedling has a better chance of survival if the roots are not trimmed.

Why do so many tree seedlings fail?

Some common reasons that tree seedlings fail are that the roots dry out before it is transplanted. It is extremely important to keep the roots moist while the seedling is being transported. If you plant the tree to deep it may not do well. Also a lack of moisture or also, poor drainage are causes for failure. Too much fertilizer will actually harm the delicate seedling. Other common reasons for seedling failure are moisture stress from a drying wind, and inadequate protection from the elements during the winter months.

Tree seedlings are wonderful additions to any garden design because you can nurture them and watch them grow through the years. An excellent baby gift is a tree seedling, as the child grows, so will the tree. What a wonderful keepsake!


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