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Find flower perennials and perennial seeds at your local perennial farm


A visit to a local perennial farm is an excellent way to find perennial seed, flower perennials and shade perennial plants that are hardy to your local area. Although many nurseries also offer perennial plants, the difference between a perennial farm and a perennial nursery is that in the nursery, plants are raised under controlled conditions; at the perennial farm, plants are grown outdoors and must survive the same weather conditions and other elements as they will encounter in your perennial garden.

Although some perennial farms bear the words ?perennial farm? in their name, often a perennial farm is named for a type of perennial plant they specialize in growing. For instance, although we often think of grape arbors and strawberry patches as places to purchase fruits, quite frequently the growers also offer cuttings from their perennial plants or perennial seeds for sale. This is a great way to choose an edible perennial since you almost get to ?try before you buy!?

However, even in the case of flower perennials grown at a perennial farm, the consumer does get to see mature perennial plants in bloom. Rather than buying seedlings or starting from perennial seeds, purchasing mature plants from a perennial farm lets you buy in the confidence that your purchase will result in the desired addition to your perennial garden. Still, many farms also maintain perennial nurseries where you can buy seedlings and cuttings. Bare roots and perennial seed packets are also often available.

If there is no perennial farm in your area, there are many on the Internet that offer their plants either via an online direct purchase or through a catalogue order.

When shopping for shade perennials at a perennial farm, be sure to choose those that are thriving in shaded areas of the farm. As expert as a perennial gardener might be, he can?t make a sun-loving plant like a peony thrive in the shade. Remember that your perennial plant choices will thrive in your perennial garden under the same conditions and with the same care that they receive at the perennial farm.


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