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How to grow grass


When you look at the acres and acres of American lawns, how to grow grass doesn?t seem to be a tricky subject, but it can be depending on what kind of grass you want to grow. If you?re planting grass for a large lawn, because blended fescues include several varieties of seeds for warm season or cool, sun or shade, a blended fescue gives you maximum coverage with minimum headaches.

Learning how to grow grass of any type is easier when you first understand how grass grows naturally. Temperature is the main catalyst for grass growth. Cool season grasses begin growing in spring while warm season varieties wait for warm summer temperatures. Grasses are either clump forming or rhizome forming. Clump forming grass grows from a single mound and blooms where it is planted, while rhizome forming cultivars (also called running grasses) spread from underground stems and can quickly take over your garden if not kept in check!

In addition to lawn grasses, knowing how to grow ornamental grasses adds impact to your landscape and garden. For instance, did you know that bamboo is a type of grass with many cultivars that are adapted to temperate climates as well as tropical varieties?

A tip you should know about how to grow grass is that when conditions aren?t right for grass growth, grasses often turn brown and give us the mistaken impression they have died. However, before you destroy any plot of grass, make sure that it hasn?t just gone dormant. Brown lawns often ?green up? rapidly after a drought-breaking rainfall. This is also the case with ornamental grasses.

However, ornamental grasses come in many colors other than lawn green. Knowing how to grow ornamental grass transforms your landscape from a monotone to an eye-catching burst of colors and textures. Bluestem, contrary to its name blooms in mid to late summer with a light brown to bronze fall color that lasts until winter. Large blue fescue is grown for its blue-gray foliage. Feather Reed Grass is a clump forming cultivar that is tolerant of many growing conditions and frequently is grown for its straight vertical lines of white to reddish-white bloom. Hardy Pampas Grass, also know as Plume Grass, is a favorite for its large white-plumed flowers that soften the harshest landscape with feathery bloom. Fountain grass flowers in light purple blooms that change to a coppery-purple as the season progresses and last well into the winter when the leaves turn yellow-gold.

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