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Natural Pest Control, Fighting Garden Pests the Natural way

Fighting garden pests can seem like a losing battle and it?s no wonder since it?s estimated that
95% of all animal species on Earth are insects. Although pesticides are frequently used to control
insect infestations, these potent chemical compounds often do more harm than good. Fortunately,
there are many effective natural pest control methods that preserve our gardens, our environment
and our health.

The logical method of natural pest control is prevention. As Ben Franklin said, ?An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure.? The best from of prevention is to maintain a healthy garden
and the healthiest gardens start with healthy soil. Build healthy garden soil through regular
practices of aeration, mulching, and composting. Keep your garden free of weeds and weak plants
to promote vigorous growth and make your garden less attractive to parasitic and disease carrying

Fight fire with fire. Many insects are beneficial to your garden and at the same time feed on
other insects. Grow a small stand of flowering plants to attract predatory insects like ladybugs,
praying mantis, lacewings, and dragonflies. Predatory insects for natural pest control are also
available for purchase from many garden shops. Nevertheless, even purchased insect colonies will
die out or defect if they aren?t offered a desirable habitat. Plants favored by predatory insects
are often useful and may already be a part of your garden. Dill, coriander, caraway, nasturtiums
and fennel are all practical plants that attract useful insects and can be harvested at the end of
the growing season for human use. Flowers like alyssum, marigolds, butterfly weed, and yarrow also
attract predatory insects.

flower and fruit gardening guides homemade remedies are often effective in natural pest control. In addition, they are
environmentally safe, very inexpensive, and easy to make. For instance, a mixture of one
tablespoon of canola oil, a few drops of dish detergent, and one quart of water will smother
soft-bodied insects. Spray both sides of leaves to combat pests like mites, aphids, and mealy
bugs. Nevertheless, do remember that sprays which kill harmful insects also kill beneficial
insects. Use any sprays sparingly and with caution.


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