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Thorny Blackberry Bushes Provide a Satisfying Feast

While you are driving through the countryside you are sure to see blackberry bushes. Blackberry bushes seem to grow everywhere, and adapt to almost any condition. They can be found alongside roads, on hillsides in fields and growing over almost anything.

It seems as if blackberry bushes can be grown anywhere in any conditions. However, this is not true. While certain varieties will do better in some zones than others, typically all blackberry bushes want well drained soil in a location where they will receive full sun.

Blackberry bushes are known for the delicious fruit that it produces every season. The juicy, ripe berries are much like a raspberry; however they have their own unique flavor. Blackberries are used in jams, jellies, and syrups and in baking, or just enjoyed on their own, with a fresh dollop of cream on top.

Blackberry bushes grow wild allover the countryside and they grow very quickly as well. Typically a blackberry bush is a giant mass of thorns with vines and shoots self entwined as one very large knot. Blackberries grow very quickly and they will send off suckers that root easily and perpetuates the tangle of branches.

Because of the incredibly large, thorny mass that blackberry bushes create, it is almost impossible to enter the middle of a large blackberry bush in order to pick the berries. Typically we are relegated to the outside perimeter of the bush while the birds get to enjoy the feast of berries deeper inside the knot.

Every spring, blackberry bushes bloom in tiny white flowers. The tiny, white flowers will later turn into the berries which we then enjoy and harvest. Depending on the variety of the plant, will depend on when it will produce. There are early, mid season and late season producers.

Many of us have childhood memories of picking buckets full of berries, while we dodged the thorny branches. Most of the time we pulled out with a few scrapes and scratches compliments of the blackberry bushes, but there was always a feast of berries as a reward!


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