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Growing Raspberries will Provide you With a Bounty of Berries to Enjoy

You have childhood memories of picking pails full of yummy, juicy red raspberries. Maybe as a child you visited friends or family who were growing raspberries on their farm, or maybe you even had a few plants growing in your backyard garden. No matter where you went to pick those red, delicious berries, there is no doubt that you have fond memories.

If you want to begin growing red raspberries there are only a few things that you need to know. By following a few basics tips and hints, growing raspberries does not have to be tricky, and will soon yield a delicious crop of juicy berries.

Raspberry plants usually will thrive in an environment that experiences cool summers with very little rain during the harvesting season, and mild winters. But do not despair if you live in a climate that experiences cold winters, you will be able to begin growing raspberries. There are winter hardy varieties that will do very well in a climate with cold winters.

Before you begin growing raspberries, you must locate a space in your yard or garden. Be sure to pick a space for your raspberry plant or plants that will allow them to have full sun for the majority of the day. Raspberry plants will live in a partially shady area; however, you will have a larger harvest in a sunnier environment.

Raspberry plants do not like a lot of water. When growing raspberries be sure that you plant them in an area that has proper drainage. If a raspberry bush is in an area with poor drainage, the plant will die a slow death from lack of oxygen or will be susceptible to root diseases.

By growing raspberries in a sunny area, that has proper drainage you will be sure that you have chosen an excellent space for your plants to thrive. Soon you will be able to harvest red, juicy raspberries to enjoy fresh or in jams and jellies or in a variety of baked goodies.


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