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Both Fungal and Viral Raspberry Diseases can Affect your Plants

There is nothing more discouraging than planting your raspberry bushes, and caring for them and then watching your cherished plants succumb to raspberry diseases. There are two main types of raspberry diseases that can affect your plants; fungal diseases and viral diseases.

The most common type of raspberry diseases are fungal. There are a few different types of fungal diseases; Anthracnose, Cane Blight, Spur Blight, Botrytis Fruit Rot or ?gray mold? are common fungal diseases.

There are other fungal diseases that can affect your raspberry plants, however these diseases are not usually thought of as as serious or life threatening as the above listed fungal diseases.
Fungal raspberry diseases can be easy to spot on the plant: there may be a yellow discoloration, spotting, and holes in the leaves, powdery rust on the underside of the leaves or damage to the fruit.

Viral diseases are a much more serious type of raspberry disease that can affect your raspberry bushes. Some of the most common types of raspberry viral diseases are the Mosaic virus, Leaf Curl Virus, and Tomato Ringspot Virus.

Viral diseases are a very serious type of raspberry disease that will affect the yield of the raspberry fruit as well as the longevity of the plant. Some of the symptoms of viral diseases are a discoloration of the leaves, crumbly and dry fruit, browning and blistering of the leaves, curling of the leaves. And most importantly, viral diseases cause stunted growth and poor production of fruit.

The best way to prevent raspberry diseases is to select healthy, disease free plants and to select the location carefully. Plant the raspberry plants in a well drained area with fertile soil. Be sure to remove any wild raspberry plants that are growing nearby because they often harbor diseases.

By keeping a close eye on your plants, understanding raspberry diseases and knowing what to look for will help you spot disease in your plants early. By spotting disease early, you will be able to control the outbreak of disease among your plants.


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