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Choose the right watermelon variety through a watermelon seed catalog

Thump! Thump! It?s difficult to judge a good, ripe watermelon but easy to choose the variety you want to grow when you order seeds through a watermelon seed catalog. In fact, find everything from wild flower to watermelon seed in a free vegetable seed catalog.

From the comfort of your flower and fruit gardening guides home, choose from a larger selection of seeds than what you find on the rack at your local retailer. As you browse the pages of your watermelon seed catalog easily compare yields, growing times, and price before making your watermelon seed purchase. In addition, you?ll often find planting and gardening tips that are best suited to the growing conditions in your area when you shop for watermelon seed using a free vegetable seed catalog.

Another advantage to catalog browsing is that while each watermelon seed catalog has a large variety of seeds, free vegetable seed catalogs are frequently produced by niche market growers. For instance, if you?re looking for heirloom organic seeds, you won?t need to weed through dozens of hybrids and commercial offerings to find the variety of watermelon you want to grow.

When purchasing seeds from a watermelon seed catalog or a free vegetable seed catalog of any type, one thing worth checking is when your order will be shipped. Frequently, growers will take advance orders but delay shipping until your planting season is near. This is especially important if you choose to grow your watermelon from small plants instead of seed. Even in the case of seed purchases, this delayed shipping helps you be sure that your seeds were stored properly until planting time and eliminates the possibility of misplacing the seed packet and losing it entirely before the growing season begins.

Many seed catalogs offer discounts for volume purchases. Purchasing watermelon seed by catalog is the best way to go if you are planning to put a small acreage into a watermelon truck garden.


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