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Herb Garden Kits - Spice Up your Container Gardening

Growing your own herbs in an indoor herb container garden is an easy and affordable way to fill your kitchen with flavor and aroma. Adding fresh herbs to a dish transforms any recipe from common fare to cuisine! Still, it seems that each time you pick up a cookbook, invariably it calls for an herb that you haven?t considered growing!

With over 70 different herbs to choose from, selecting an assortment for indoor growing can be a project in itself! However, there?s an easy solution to choosing herb cultivars; consider purchasing an herb garden kit.

Some herb garden kits contain all the herbs you need for a certain purpose, like salsa garden kits, Italian herb kits, and herbal tea garden kits. In addition, herb garden kits are sold for more reasons than just culinary. Herbs are also classified as aromatic, ornamental and medical and herb garden kits are available for all.

As well as being available in their different classifications, herb garden kits are sold in a variety of different ways, from a large envelope that contains several varieties of herb seeds to large kits that contain planting pots, flats or containers, detailed instructions for growing the cultivars, and potting soil mix as well as an assortment of seeds.

Although many herb garden kits contain only what you need to get your herb garden started, some large kits contain permanent planters like strawberry pots or window boxes. Many herb garden kits come with helpful hints and ideas to take you beyond growing through harvest and preservation. In fact, many culinary herb garden kits include recipes that include the herbs you harvest from your herb garden kit. Imagine, not only having the makings of your favorite herbal tea, but also have several other flavors to choose from or mix to create your own delightful herbal blend!


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