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Vegetable gardening tips

In this section we will discuss vegetable gardening tips on maintaining your vegetable garden.

Watering your plants is very crucial to the survival and healthiness of your vegetable plants. Not watering your plants enough, they will not survive, just as watering your plants too much. To avoid dehydrating or drowning your garden, keep a fixed watering schedule.
An appropriate schedule has many benefits; it reduces the crusting of the soil, increases fruit sizes, improves the quality of your vegetables, prevents some plants from maturing too soon, and many others
If you use sprinklers to water your vegetable garden, be sure to have them overlap one another to distribute the water evenly.
Water your vegetables early in the morning.
It is a good idea to water slowly and deeply. Stop watering whenever runoff starts.
Planting black pepper in with radish seeds, helps prevents the radishes from becoming infested with worms.
If you are planting plants such as watermelons or squash, it is a good idea to plant these kinds of vegetables or fruits in a section of their own. Since these plants produce vines that spread out.
When you are spending any time in your garden, be sure to wear insect repellant.
In this section, we will discuss vegetable gardening tips on harvesting your vegetable garden.
When picking your vegetables, be sure that they are ripe. This is when your vegetables are tender and most flavorful. If left on the vine too long, the flavor and quality begins to deteriorate.
When harvesting chili peppers, be sure to wear gloves. Also, be sure not to touch your face, especially your eyes, after handling chili peppers.
When your flower and fruit gardening guides home grown tomatoes turn a soft pink color, pick them and place them indoors to ripen. Do not place the tomatoes in the refrigerator.
Onions may be harvested at anytime. They may be picked and eaten at anytime. When the leaves lose their color, and they weaken at the top of the bulb, that is when you know that they have stopped growing.
The best time to pick your vegetables from your garden is in the early morning. This is when it would have the best texture than any other time of the day.
When preserving your vegetables, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to freeze or preserve vegetables that have been frozen in your garden. It is best to eat these vegetables right away.
If upon harvesting, you realize that you have more than enough produce, share with family and friends.

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