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Tulip Care

Tulips YellowGrowing tulips is easy. Tulips are spring flowering bulbs that should be planted in late autumn.

Tulip bulbs are an excellent nutrient storage system that need little care besides water. Tulips prefer a bed of sandy, slightly alkaline soil with at least four hours of sunlight per day, but not direct sun.

Today there are over 100 species of growing tulips and many hundreds of hybrids, primarily due to the extensive breeding programs and tulip care that began in the late sixteenth century.

Planting tulips is as simple as growing tulips. Bulbs should be spaced depending on the effect you want to create. The only rule is that they shouldn’t be close enough to touch each other. Planting depth is also easy to calculate.

As a rule of thumb, plant tulip bulbs at a depth of two to three times the height of the bulb. The most difficult part of planting tulips is remembering to put them root side down and pointed side up!

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