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Some Container Garden Ideas - Complementary Colors

Containers can have a very decorative effect if you plant and place them right.

Here are some Design suggestions

Place cheerful groups of containers on your porch, deck or patio.
Flower Containers
The  key to make this into a great looking composition is to choose a couple of pots of the same color and then combine them with different or opposite colored ones.

Use containers with complimentary colors

Next choose the plants for your container garden. It looks great to use flowers that have primary colors to your colored pots. So green is complementary to red, blue to yellow and use for example white to black.

The other pots you want to remain neutral.

To be more specific, for the primary yellow you can use the Chrysanthemums to fill a blue pot, and take orange cultivars for the two adjacent pots. This is done because orange is the adjacent color to yellow. We are not completely mathematically sound now but it looks great.

The Chrysanthemums are rather big so you can use them in the bigger background pots and use smaller .
Container Gardens
Playing with colored cultivars and pots you can come to delicious combinations of flower containers that will brighten up the patio, and act as a semi natural border between your deck and the garden.

Playing With Colors

Playing with the primary and secondary colors of your flowers and pots and using adjacent and contrasting effects can make this a very artistic endeavor.

When you take a couple of Yellow, Orange Chrysanthemums. A few violet and blue pansies, together with three large and three smaller pots you can hardly go wrong.

Take about two hours to get it all set up the way you like it and then enjoy.

You can add to this or make the project a little smaller, whatever the size of your garden.

One thing use good potting soil, that can hold some moisture.