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The Black Tulip

With apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but we just couldn't resist!

Between the dark and the daylight,
When the night is beginning to flower
Comes a pause in the days occupation
That is known as the Black Tulip hour

Add focus to your garden with the bold color of Black Tulips! Black Tulips are becoming more and more popular among tulip lovers; in fact, they are number four on America's top 10 list of favorite tulips. The Black Tulip mixes well in both informal and formal garden design.

black-tulipIn the dim light of dawn and twilight, the black tulip looks nearly jet-black. Although not actually black in color, the Black Tulip puts an aura of midnight moonlight into your garden with a royal shade of deep purple and is especially striking in the midday sunshine when paired with bright yellow or crimson red tulips. However, planting the Black Tulip to bloom with your other tulip cultivars takes some careful preparation, since the Black Tulip tends to bloom later in the season than other tulip bulbs.

The Black Tulip is also known as the Queen of the Night. The Queen of the Night is the closest that hybridists have come to creating a ture black tulip.

Black Tulips are an excellent choice for cut flower arrangements, as either an addition to color or a striking display on their own.

Black Tulips require no special care. Simply give them the regular TLC you bestow on other flower bulbs in your garden. In fact, children absolutely love Black Tulips because of their striking difference from other garden flowers, making the Black Tulip an excellent cultivar to pique your child's interest in gardening!

Whether for your "Children's Hour" in your garden or for hours of your own enjoyment, add something extra special to your garden - the Black Tulip!

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