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Annuals and perennials- is blooming with all the information you need to grow beautiful flowers.

African VioletsThe hardest part of growing flowers is choosing which ones to grow. Look around, you will find a lot of tips tricks and how-to's. 

Spring time Violets, Tulips or a Rose garden.

And don't forget our perennial Dianthus

Therefore we've designed this section of to give you an easy guide to some of our favorite flowers.

One of my all-time favorites is still the sun flower. I love the way they look en signal the end of summer. I

Of course a garden is the best place to grow anything, but even when you are a die hard city dweller you can always enjoy flower container gardens.

If you're new to flower gardening, start with Gardening Basics to learn about flower seeds and seedlings. Get the all the facts on growing bulbs and pick up some valuable tips on growing flowers in Choosing Garden Flowers.

If you're a flower gardening veteran looking for some new ideas, browse through our section on Specialty Gardens. Learn how to grow flowers that attract butterflies, get some insight into wildflower gardens, raised bed gardening, and learn how to grow beautiful flowers for cutting and cut them without destroying the look of your garden.

Get the latest information on outdoor container gardening and flower garden design. Then use the list below to find out the details on how to grow some of our favorite flowers and add them to your flower garden plan.

Garden Flowers

See how to grow all your favorite flowers in Plants A to Z!

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Don't see your favorite flowers in our list?

flowers We'll be regularly adding articles on different flower cultivars throughout the growing season. Contact us to make a suggestion or see our submission guidelines for information on how to send your own flower photos and successful flower growing experiences to

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