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Planting Marigolds

All true marigolds make excellent bedding plants. Each spring, nursery and garden centers are full of marigold transplants for those who just can't wait to see the vibrant blooms of their orange and yellow flowers. However, avid gardeners with large gardens or several areas to plant and those who grow the marigold to harvest for culinary or herbal remedy use easily start their marigolds inexpensively from seed. March Marigold

Marigold seeds are definitely among those that will bloom where they are planted. In addition to being both tolerant of sun and part shade, the marigold isn't fussy about soil composition and grows in just about any spot in your garden.

 A packet or two of marigold seeds produces more than enough plants to border even a large garden.

Either start marigold seeds indoors about six weeks before you expect the last frost or sow them directly into your garden when danger of frost is past. You can expect the seeds to germinate in ten to fourteen days when started at temperatures at 60 to 75F.

Most marigold seeds are so hardy that you can sow them all through the summer for different bloom times or even in the fall for blooms in early spring! If kept moist, seeds germinate in as little as three to five days when temperatures reach 75 to 80F. In addition, many marigold cultivars reseed themselves. Extra seeds are also easy to store. Simply put them into an airtight container, keep them cool and dry, and they will last for several seasons.

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