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Alpine Strawberries: White and Red Delights

Lining our garden path, we notice a compact plant with three coarsely toothed leaflets on a long stock. Mixed among the leaves are dainty white flowers on separate stalks. The fragrance reminds us of strawberries, and our noses are right on track because our garden path is lined with the Alpine strawberry. Because of its compact nature, attractive blossoms and delectable fragrance, the white Alpine is a favorite choice for lining paths and walkways.

alpine-whiteThe white Alpine Strawberry is extremely prolific and makes an excellent ground cover. However, when used as a ground cover, the white Alpine bears less fruit than if grown in your garden strawberry patch.

Still, each plant easily produces a dozen new plants each season. The Alpine cultivars are very hardy and thrive in zones three through nine.

To grow the Alpine strawberry plant as a ground cover, space mother plants in a grid, either one foot or two feet apart. Although the Alpine strawberry needs minimal care, the bed will need regular weeding during the first year.

Especially if you grow these plants as a ground cover, try these useful strawberry tips:

The White Alpine is a funny plant, with lots of possibilities. It's cousin the Red Alpine is the perfect candidate for container and patio use

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