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Choosing and Growing Healthy Fruits

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How does your fruit garden grow?

Contrary Mary didn't mind getting silver bells, cockleshells, and pretty maids in a row, but if you're fruit gardening you'd probably prefer strawberries, tomatoes, and chili peppers.

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Healthy fruits to grow in your garden!What! Chili peppers and tomatoes?

Yes, actually peppers are fruits as are eggplant, cucumbers, and squash. Are you confused yet?

Fruit is defined as the mature ovary of a flower that contains a seed while vegetables are the roots, tubers, stems, leaves, edible seeds, and flowers munch on a geranium?) of plants… with a few exceptions.

  1. Grains are the dry fruits of cereal grasses. So, that corn on the cob you enjoy is really a fruit.
  2. Nuts are dry, one-seeded, usually oily fruits or any seed or fruit with a hard, brittle covering around an edible kernel.
  3. Just to make things a little more complex, you can add the legume family, which kidnaps the peas, beans, and yes peanuts from the fruit definition and turns them back into vegetables. A legume is a pod that splits along two sides, with its seeds attached to one of the splits.

Help is on the way!

We just know you probably don't want to add eggplant to your fruit tray! So, we sorted out this contrary mixture like a grocer's produce department to help you find and grow healthy foods whatever botanical class they occupy. You'll find eggplant, squash, cucumbers, and sweet corn in our vegetable section and we've included condiments like garlic and ginger in the Gardening-Guides novelties section.

Use the menu below to find information on healthy fruits to grow in your garden, kitchen, or hobby greenhouse!