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Growing Grapes - Steps to take to your own Vineyard

Growing Grapes, growing the "food of the gods". Grapes have held a place in history since about 8000 BCE when humans first learned how to grow them. When searching for information on growing grapes, you're likely to find a plethora of information on the history of wine and wine making. The main reason for wine consumption in olden times was because wine was an easily produced replacement for poor drinking water. However, you don't have to be a wine lover to love growing the fruit of the vine.

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More about the Grape Vine

Grape vines are a beautiful ornamental and valuable as shade or screen plants around your home when trained on a trellis or arbor. Classified according to use, today grapes are grown for three reasons: eating (table grapes), winemaking, and as ornamental grapevines. Some table grapes are best eaten from the vine, some are best preserved in jellies or jams, some are dried into raisins, and some grape varieties, like the Concord grape, are multi-purpose.

grapesThe Concord grape, which gets its name from Concord, Massachusetts, is a marble sized fruit that fills you entire mouth with a burst of robust sweetness! Developed in 1849 by Ephraim Wales Bull, today more than 400,000 tons of Concord Grapes are produced each year. Although most are grown commercially, Concord Grapes are one of many grape cultivars also suitable for the home garden. Grape choices are many. Grapes are green, red, purple, or black. Some have seeds; some do not. Some grape skins (slip-skin) separate easily from the fruit and some do not.

The Best Variety to pick

When choosing a grape cultivar, your best source of advice on growing grapes is a reputable nursery. Besides directing you to those that grow successfully in your area, a nursery will also help you choose a cultivar suitable for your intended use. Although learning how to grow grapes can be a challenge, successfully growing grapes is a rewarding part of hobby gardening. If you are successful in learning how to grow grapes, your reward will be bountiful! A single grapevine will produce up to twenty pounds of grapes per year and your mature grape arbor will last up to forty years!