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Pruning Blueberry Bushes

All blueberries can produce an annual crop, but yields from low bush cultivars are better when the berries are grown in a two-year cycle.

 The easiest way to prune low bush blueberries is to mow them to the ground after harvest. However, this means that you only have fruit every other year. The work-around is to divide your planting into two or more sections and mow a different section each year. Blueberry Bush

Three basic tools suffice for most pruning jobs: shears, loppers, and a pruning saw. Keep them sharp for clean cuts; disinfect after pruning diseased material.

A hidden advantage to mowing low bush blueberries is that because stems form fewer branches, fruit can be raked from them and easily gathered at harvest time.

Tall types of blueberry bushes need an annual pruning. Your basic objectives in pruning are:

As stems age, their production decreases. Lop old growth off at ground level when stems are over an inch in diameter. Also, remove crowded areas from the centers of your bushes to keep the plants from self-shading. Knowing when blueberries are ripe is a ticklish situation… tickle the clusters and fully ripe berries easily fall into your hands!

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