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The container garden is one of the most diverse subjects we cover here at and an important part of both indoor and outdoor garden design. In fact, the subject is so vast that we find it difficult to keep it in a single container!Container Garden

Another great idea is to grow real avocado's in a container. Yes it is possible!!

For the enthusiasts, here we have some ideas tips and guidelines about growing vegetables in containers. And while we are in the "mood for food", let tackle herbs in containers as well.

Off course containers are not exclusive for the indoors. Outdoor potted plants are the perfect addition for a great garden

A favorite of city dwellers who don't have room for a large outdoor garden, container gardens can be seen on patios, porches, decks, and balconies throughout the summer. Yet, matching plants with the appropriate containers is also essential to hobby greenhouse, hydroponics, and indoor gardeners. Moreover, many gardeners with large outdoor gardens use container gardening as a way to keep invasive plants, like those in the mint family, in check.

If it grows, it will probably grow in a container. Use the the Garden Design menu below to find container gardening designs and container gardening ideas. You'll get tips on plants for container gardening, as well as cheap plant containers and special pots like strawberry pots.

The Complete Collection of Container Gardening Articles 1
and Container Garden Ideas

Find a complete list of Gardening Guides indoor plant articles on our sitemap or check Plants A to Z to find your favorite container plants.

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