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English Gardens - Tranquility at Hand

England has given the world many wonderful things such as the literary works of William Shakespeare, the greasy glory of fish and chips, and the tranquility of the English gardens. Scenes from many classic movies are set in an idyllic site with bright green grass, ivy climbing up a stone wall and endless flowerbeds overflowing with dainty roses and thriving lavender.

These gardens seemingly have no rhyme or reason to the planting scheme yet the flowing landscape forms a tranquil garden. There is a way to bring this unity to your home and it is not as hard as one might imagine.English Back Yard Garden

Steps Toward an English Garden

The first step in creating the English garden is to select no more than four colors for the entire garden. Green, of course, is one of the fundamental colors needed since it is going to form the base of the planting scheme.

Flowers should be have Opposite Colors in the Spectrum

Flowers should be chosen from opposite colors in the spectrum. Height is also a consideration. It would not work to have a short flower placed at the back of the flower bed and have a much taller one eclipsing it.

A look around any English garden will reveal that not everything found within it is from nature. Accessories are a great way to give a garden visual appeal as well as providing comfort. Consider a trellis or a lovely bench but keep the colors of the accessories the same as the plants. This also applies to plant pots. There is no limit to size or shape but color does need to be the same. This will help the entire visual appeal of the garden.

The one thing that should always be kept in mind when creating an English garden, or any variety of flowering garden, is that your garden is more than just something to look at. Take the time to wander around it and some of the fragrant blooms for inside the house. In many cases, this will cause the flowers to produce more blooms. English gardens do not have to be frustrating.

They are created to be flowing, and their beds are not as formal as some manicured lawns and gardens have become. The only limitation there is, is your own imagination. Take a chance on something that will have all the neighbors and family talking.