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Garden Design Plans

Garden design plans add purpose and direction to gardening, helping you blend many gardening ideas or develop a single idea by seeing your garden on paper or computer.Water Garden

The whole design process is a creative endeavor, it's gathering ideas and compiling then to something that is according to your own taste.

Bring a certain type of foliage or a variety of textures into focus with a garden design plan. For instance, large leaf gardens display the differently shaped and textured leaves of several cultivars.

Enhance a focal point, such as a water feature or pergola, with a garden design plan or alternatively, make your garden the focal point of your property. For instance, decorate a plain walkway or highlight a cobblestone garden path with a border garden design. Improve the appearance of your old mailbox or accent a new one with a mailbox garden.

Spotlight Special Plants

Some garden design plans spotlight certain types of plants. For example, a bulb garden may contain tulips, narcissus, crocus, and daffodils. Other design plans are specialized for a certain type of cultivar. Although a tulip garden includes only tulips, it may distinguish itself with different heights, bloom times, blossom types, and colors.

Vary Annuals and Perennials

Different garden designs plan individually for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, annuals, or perennials. Alternatively, other plans combine vegetables, flowers, annuals and/or perennials. In every case, garden design plans help you choose cultivars that bring satisfaction to gardening. Wild Flower Gardens

Flower garden design plans are often composed around a color scheme. Monochromatic plans use different shades of a single color, while other plans include several colors in either contrasting or complementary hues. Some plans take the location of a garden or the growing requirements of certain plants into consideration.

Two common types of garden design plans are shady gardens and sunny gardens. Other garden design plans enhance your gardening enjoyment by attracting wildlife to participate in your garden. For instance, humming bird gardens and butterfly gardens are planted with flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Gardening magazines, seed catalogs, and Internet hobby sites are good resources to find garden design plans that help you choose plants for your special garden.

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