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Garden Design Magazines & Free Garden Design Software

Garden Design Magazines

A garden design magazine helps you build on the success of other gardens. For instance, a feature article on a single color garden may help you decide if a monochromatic color scheme is right for your garden.

The pages of garden design magazines are replete with fresh ideas for you to use in making your own garden design. Whether you specialize in hydroponic gardening, organic gardening, vegetable gardening, flowers, annuals, perennials or a mixture of all of the above, a garden design magazine can help your transform your garden plans into growing plants.

Many garden design magazines contain regional content that provides advice on suitable plantings for your area, when to plant them, and the "know how" to help your achieve success with your garden. In addition, you can turn to the pages of a specialized garden design magazine to learn about urban gardens, rural gardens, and even container gardens.

Moreover, garden design magazine articles give you tips and remind you of important elements that are essential to the success of your garden plan.

See all the latest in garden furniture and other garden features, from statuary to fountains and ponds in a garden design magazine. Garden design magazines often make shopping easy by providing information on suggested retail prices and the locations of their various advertisers.

In addition to featuring garden plans, a garden design magazine also offers information on gardening equipment and products that help you turn your gardening ideas into reality. For example, your garden design magazine may help you decide on the right type of tiller by examining several models of different widths, motor sizes, and varying amenities.

You no longer need to spend hours at the newsstand to find a good garden design magazine. Using a search engine, you can find magazines that offer advice of every type of garden plan imaginable! These days, many magazines also maintain web sites that let you subscribe online to receive up to the minute news on gardening innovations.

Free Garden Design Software

In searching for garden design plans, don't overlook free garden design software. Many online gardening sites offer free garden design software.

Garden design software helps you visualize several different designs by easily drawing in a scale model of your garden space, which goes a long way towards helping you create the perfect garden design for your landscape.

Designing your own garden can be an intimidating task–especially for first time garden planners or those who have a large area to cover with plants. Free garden design software lets you try out all of your ideas in a virtual setting so that you can see what works and what doesn't before you invest in plants. Testing your ideas with free garden design software gives you a feel for which of your ideas will work best in your garden.

Building on ideas found on gardening websites and garden design magazines and testing them on free garden design software may be the first step to a successful garden!