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Planting and Caring For Roses

Growing roses can be a delightful experience for new andRose Gardens experienced rose gardeners alike. Once you get a few of the basics down about how to grow and care for your roses, the rest is simple. Sometimes people assume that just because roses are delicate in appearance that they are not hardy growers. This could not be further from the truth in most cases. In fact, you would be surprised at just how easy it is to plan, plant, and create your very own rose garden.

Tending a rose garden can be a hobby, a form of stress relief, or a simple cosmetic addition to your flower garden. For whatever reason, rose gardening can be wonderfully enjoyable and can add a little fun and flair to your garden all year long.

First Things First - Also in Rose Gardening

The first thing you need to remember when is, not to water the roses with a spraying method. Instead, always water your plants from its base. Avoid getting excess water on the leaves. Too much moisture results many times in the formation of mildew and other fungus related diseases.

One thing you will realize as you become more and more familiar with growing roses is that they can be watered using one of two timetables.

Some varieties flourish when they are watered lightly and quite often and others do better when they are watered more less frequently. Just be sure that the watering method that you choose seems to satisfy your plant and that the roots are soaked sufficiently in water.

Pruning Issues

Another popular issue that many people ask about when they start to grow roses is about pruning. As a rule of thumb you can say that it is wise to do one major pruning early every spring to spark new growth. This is also the time to clear out dead or weak stem edges. The old growth. If Your plant is showing any signs of disease or trouble, now is the time to do a heavier, more drastic pruning.

Keep in mind that this choice of pruning will lead to less blooms but they are likely to be fuller, healthier blooms then would a plant with less spring pruning. Another time that you should prune your roses would be during the blooming stages. During the blooming phase, the pruning technique is a little different then the early spring pruning. Blooming pruning should be done by removing and clearing out old or fading blooms in order to make space for new blooms.

Fall Pruning of your Roses

The other type of pruning that you will need to learn about about roses is fall pruning. Pruning lightly during fall can help deter disease and also protects plants in case of winter storm damage from having broken limbs.

This type of pruning also comes in handy in protecting you rose bush during winter dormancy by offering freeze and frost safety. Because the plant is basically smaller after pruning, the rose bush has less plant body to preserve through the cold months.

Sometimes, if a windstorm injures your rose bush, you can save it by splinting the fallen branch back up to it's original position using a string or torn cloth piece tied to a stake that is driven into the ground beside the plant. This method will help support the rose bush as it mends itself and also offers protection from future storms.

The information contained in this article is enough info to get you started in your search for knowledge about growing roses. For real lasting success you need to do further research.

Growing and caring for roses is an area with many little need to knows and a lot of "on the job training" This book will help you along the way.

A rose garden can be one of the most visually appealing types of gardens to have and it can bring you and your loved ones wonderful, cherished memories. - #1 Retailer of Flower Bulbs

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