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Indoor Plants

If you've been reading Gardening Guides articles on container gardening, you know that just about any plant that grows can be grown in a container as an indoor plant. Even so, in temperate areas, many plants need the warmth of an indoor environment to thrive.

Although we often call indoor plants houseplants, all of them grow outdoors somewhere in the world, frequently in the tropics. Houseplants can help keep the chill of winter outdoors. Moreover, indoor plants add richness and warmth to the most sparsely clad indoor landscape and quite simply transform a "house" into a "home". Gardening Guides small but growing section on Indoor Plants offers you tips and information on growing some of our favorite houseplants.

African Violet pot - a great indoor plant for the beginning gardener

One of the easiest plants to grow is the African violet and it is the perfect indoor plant choice for the beginning gardener. Did you know that in the mountains of Africa, the African violet can reach heights of up to 300 feet tall? Often the secret to successfully growing plants indoors is in knowing how they grow in the wild.

Grow Lights

Whether you're beginning with African violets, adventuring with orchids or lisianthus, or just trying to keep your Easter Lily healthy, Gardening Guides has the information to help you keep your indoor plants blooming year around!

The Mini Grow Light, 27" is for sale at the Gardeners Supply Company.

An indoor growing light will help your plants tremendously, especially during the dark season. But it's a valuable asset for whatever you are growing in house. And in all seasons.

If you're looking for a completely different type of indoor gardening, take a look at Gardening Alternatives and learn about Hobby Greenhouses and Hydroponic Gardening and be sure to pick up useful information on growing potted plants in our Container Garden section!