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When our age increases our tolerance for backbreaking work decreases. The need to prove anything to anyone diminishes, and most certainly, we don't take pride in ourMantis Tiller aching bodies or our callused hands as we used to. Life can be easier, more relaxing and more enjoyable. We can spend more of our time with loved ones doing the things that we enjoy -- such as planting and harvesting, to name a few. Tilling is demanding and we are looking for some gardening ease. If this sounds just a bit like you the Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator, can be the best choice for you.

The Mantins-2-Cycle Tiller is a comfortable lightweight piece of garden equipment, but don't be fooled. While it's 9-inch wide mouth is petite enough to do edging work between rows and alongside fences, once you pull the throttle-activated clutch, the powerful patented tines begin digging down 10 inches into the dirt, sod, solid clay and hard ground at 240 RPM.

The manufacturer claims it will effectively weed and tile a 30 x 40 foot garden in just 20 minutes
The versatile attachments include a plow, planter/furrower, border edger, aerator, hedge trimmer and lawn dethatcher. With the company's one-year "no questions asked" money-back guarantee, the 5 year warranty and the lifetime guarantee against tine breakage, the user can feel good about this purchase.

"It really packs a punch," one consumer writes about the Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator. One petite woman admits, "I can't control a big tiller but I like to do my own yard projects. The Mantis tiller helps me do just that." A quality-conscious gardener reports, "It's a real working machine and very easy to use even with my shoulder problems." Another individual shares the tiller with two other families and has no trouble transporting this lightweight machine around. A gardener at the Associated Content website says the tiller works especially good at turning up compost. Amazon reviewers call the Mantis "a weed-eater on steroids," "a little giant" and "a raging bargain." Numerous customers said that when they finally killed the tine (after more than 20 years of consistent use, mind you); the people at Mantis made good on their "no questions asked" guarantee and replaced it.

Some senior citizens may prefer the Mantis 4-Cycle Gas Tiller Powered by Honda to the Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator because it uses 1.1 horsepower (rather than 0.9), it is quieter and it uses gas only (compared to a gas/oil mix). This model sells for about $100 more but is just as versatile and weighs only three pounds more than the 2-cycle. Consumers may also want to check out the Mantis electric tiller if they're not keen on gas-operated machinery.

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