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Outdoor Container Gardens

Outdoor container gardening turns small dead spaces into bursts of robust color and vitality. Planter boxes, wooden barrels, hanging baskets and flowerpots are some of the traditional containers used for container gardens, but your options in choosing pots are limited only by your imagination. Container Garden Outdoor

Design for your space

Answer these questions to begin a good container garden plan.

  1. Do you want a large, mixed container garden in one pot or do you prefer to separate your garden into single plants in several pots?
  2. Is it important that you can easily move and rearrange your plants? If so, consider a garden of several smaller pots, a wheeled garden cart, or add mobility to larger plants by setting your pots on wheeled platforms.
  3. Will your garden occupy a single horizontal or vertical space or do you plan some diversity such as a mixture of hanging plants and stationary pots?

Start designing your container garden by determining your goal.

Are you gardening simply for the aesthetics of color and style or do you have some practical needs? Although you'll want a healthy, attractive container garden, your main goal may be to showcase an ornate pot spilling over with greenery. Alternatively, your goal may be just to conceal the weatherworn post that holds your mailbox.

Choose a focal point to help you decide on a mixture of plants and visualize the overall look you want to achieve.

Design for your plants

Consider plant size just as carefully as you consider the size of the area your pots will occupy in your garden spot. How big will your plants grow?

As well as the height and width of your plants above ground, also consider their root requirements. For instance, a short pot compliments a low-growing strawberry plant, but because its shallow roots fan out in a circle, the strawberry needs a wide space to produce its best in both bloom and fruit. In addition, strawberries are not assertive plants and won't compete for water or nutrients when placed in a container with aggressive neighbors.

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Some plants make wonderful pot-mates, letting your garden space reach its maximum plant potential!

The major consideration in choosing plants for a mixed container garden is to choose those that have similar characteristics and needs.

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Design With Your Pots!