Your Year Around Flower and Garden Guide
  • Perennial Flower garden design

    Watch your Plants Grow Year After Year with a Perennial Garden Design.

    Do you enjoy watching your flowers grow and develop year after year? Do you dislike the hassle of planting new plants year after year, only to have them die during the cold winter months? If you answered yes, then you will prefer a perennial garden design. With a perennial garden design you can plan your plants so they will come back year after year for your enjoyment.Rose Garden

    Always consider your hardiness zone.

    It is important when you create your perennial garden design to choose plants for the zone that you live in. There are many varieties of beautiful plants available; however only those zoned for your area will thrive. Another important consideration for your perennial garden plan is the color palate. Do you enjoy a variety of colors with no particular theme? Or do you prefer one or two colors in your flowerbeds? There is an abundance of plants available in almost every color, so you are sure to find some that you will enjoy.

    Consider bloom times for your perennial flower garden.

    Because a perennial plant does not usually bloom consistently all season, you will likely want to consider the bloom times for your plants when creating your perennial garden plan. It's is a good idea to choose flowers that will bloom early in the season, mid season and late season. That way, you will be able to enjoy beautiful flowers almost the year around

    Ground covers for your perennial garden design plan.

    Hosta'sThere are plants available for all of your needs in your perennial garden plan. If you need groundcovers, Creeping Jenny, Snow in Summer or Dragon’s Blood are all excellent choices. Plants that thrive in full sun are Sage, Potentilla, Daylily, Soapwart, Yucca and Yarrow. That shady spot in your garden can be difficult, however plants that do well in the shade are: Lilly of the Valley, Hosta, Solomon’s seal, and Elephant’s Ears.

    Perennials are an investment.

    Perennials are an excellent investment as they will come back year after year, growing bigger every year, so be sure to leave lots of room between plants when creating your perennial garden design. With a little love and care you will be enjoying your perennial flower garden for many years.