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Plant Container Foam- Lightweight pots that are ready for heavy-duty use in your garden.

Tired of wrestling with overweight plant pots?

Plant container foam is the lightweight way to container garden. Made of polyurethane, plant container foam is filled with gardening benefits.

Lightweight yet durable, plant container foam designs run from the standard white plant container through plastic pot looks and on to the look of wood and other natural materials. Following the styles that gardeners love, some foam plant containers are designed using favorite ceramic plant pot motifs.

Plant container foam does the job indoors and outIndoors and out, plant container foam does the job and in many cases, better than traditional materials. If your garden design changes with your mood, foam plant containers make it easier to rearrange plants.

It's the perfect material for water garden plants. Made of polyurethane, plant container foam won't rot in water so it outlasts both wooden and clay plant boxes. Because plant container foam doesn't rot in water, potting mixtures stay in the pot and the pH level of your water garden stays more stable. Moreover, plant container foam is so lightweight that you don't have the added weight you get when clay or ceramic pots fill with water.

All the same, when you need to provide a water logged plant with extra drainage, new drainage holes can be cut easily, using a simple tool like a kitchen paring knife.

Plant container foam comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Since it's molded, plant container foam doesn't have the shape limitations of wooden plant boxes and fits perfectly with the curves in almost any garden design.

Finally, plant container foam is typically a fraction of the cost of many other types of plant containers. Lightweight in cost and use and heavy on durability and value- is there any reason not to add plant container foam to your garden?