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Plant Hangers - A Pretty Way to Add to Your Gardening Space

Put your container flower garden in a plant hanger.

When your garden is bursting with bloom and your patio is overstuffed with furniture, there's still room for flowers in a hanging container garden. Plant hangers extend your gardening space and add charm to your outdoor living space.

Although most gardeners use plant hangers for decorative plantings, even a cherry tomato in a plant hanger brightens your deck or patio. Day neutral strawberries, like the Alpine Strawberry offer a cheery welcome to your guests when hung from a plant hanger.

Plant hangers can be hung from exterior walls, window frames, porch ceilings or plant hanger poles. There are almost as many different styles of plant hangers as there are kinds of flowers to hang from them.

Plant hangers are a pretty way to extend your garden space!

Secure Support for Plant Hangers

When you take a little extra time in hanging your plant, you'll find that container gardens on plant hangers are a beautiful way to add extra gardening space for your plants as well as extra decoration to your outdoors.