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While spring is the season that every gardener anticipates, it usually arrives when it’s least expected. Snow today – thaw tomorrow. In fact, one of the definitions of spring is to develop or produce suddenly and unexpectedly.Cornflower

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There is one thing that is a sure sign of spring arriving, the days are getting longer again. And you can feel the increase in the strength of the sun

Weeds are controlled in Spring

My favorite definition of spring is, “the season of growth”, but along with the spring flowers that bloom where they were planted are the weeds that bloom where they were not!

Pulling them out is never easier

When the soil is saturated with spring thaw and frost is oozing out of the ground, it’s a great time for every gardener to get outside and pull up some of those long rooted weeds that have mingled with your perennials.
When the ground is soft, it’s also a good time to bury some garden edging to help keep new weeds out of your garden.

Check your Garden Toolset!

This is the time to check your toolset as well. Good tools make the difference between successful and so so gardening. Check out more in the special storeEarly Spring at Home

Landscape Cloth - Do it Now

Another spring project to consider is to lay out landscape cloth on an unplanted garden area. Landscape cloth is an excellent weed barrier that comes in several weights, widths, and fabric choices. It’s also a great map for precisely planning where to plant your transplants.

If you have some space and the itch to plant and or seed, consider setting up a cold frame. Ready-made cold frames are available in sizes as small as three-foot squares. Set one up seven to ten days before you want to use it.

Cold Frames

A cold frame takes advantage of spring sunshine and warms the earth it surrounds. They can be used to “harden off” houseplants and transplants for your summer garden and used for direct seeding as well. Some plants to consider for cold frame growing include violets, marigolds, carnations, geraniums, and impatiens.

Cold Frames and Small Greenhouses are perfect to start the Season Early and end Late

Do check each cultivar’s temperature, water and other care requirements before you set seeds or transplants!Greenhouse

March may roar in like a lion and prance out like a lamb, and change her mind several times in between! Take advantage of her changeable temperament.

Use early spring (and late winter) to prepare your garden for the spontaneity of spring. And as a gardener, spring is a wonderful time. But also think how grateful you will feel when you relax in your summer garden.

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