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Sweeten Your Kitchen With a Strawberry Pot

Strawberries, so easy to grow, are one of the best fruit gardening and container gardening ideas. Strawberry dishtowels, curtains, and stencils brighten many a kitchen, but a strawberry pot adds real sweetness to kitchen décor.Strawbery Blossom

Strawberry pots are urn shaped planters, which at first glance, look like they've been built wrong. Small openings along the sides are upside down and make you wonder what holds in the dirt. The answer is the plants! In addition to being a great container for our purpose, the strawberry pot is an excellent way to have fresh herbs at hand.

Although many pots are too large for hanging, some are small enough to brighten a kitchen window. When choosing a hanging plant, it's easy to overlook the strawberry since typically you find them in a garden patch. However, strawberries love hanging. It gives them optimal sunshine and keeps them away from weeds and leaf destroying insect pests. If planted properly, your strawberry pot provides them with a plentiful supply of water with little effort on your part.

Fill Your Strawberry Pot with Friendly Neighbors

When choosing the cultivars, select those that are content to stay in one spot! For instance, many types of mint are very invasive and may take over your whole pot. Also, be sure to select plants that have the same watering and fertilization needs. You don't The day-neutral cultivar, like the Alpine Strawberry, is the best choice to grow in a container.  since it produces blossoms and will bear fruit all season long.

Strawberries hate wet Feet

For even drainage, start your the pot with a layer of terra cotta shards (clay pot pieces) in its bottom. Next, place a piece of screen over the shards to keep the potting mix in while letting excess water drain to the bottom and out of the large drainage hole in the pot's bottom.

Next, drill holes in a length of PVC pipe or punch several holes in a sturdy plastic tube. This will be your strawberry pot irrigation system. Whatever you use, the opening should be large enough for watering, the length should reach the top of your pot, and holes should be spaced so that all plants will get their fair share of water. Center the watering tube in your pot and pack enough soil around it to keep it upright. Now you're ready to begin planting.

Start a Combination Strawberry Pot– Herb Garden

Fill your container with potting mixture just to the first set of openings. Lay the roots of your strawberry or herb seedling inside the hole. Now fill the it with enough soil mixture to cover the roots and tamp down the potting mixture.

At this point, many gardeners like to add a layer of moss to the outer opening to help keep soil inside the pot. Then add soil to the level of the next openings and continue the pattern until you reach the top.

Many gardeners like to grow edible flowers for an extra splash of color at the top level of their strawberry pots. Nasturtiums, pansies and violas also make a flavorful garnish!

Rotate your strawberry pot every three days to make sure all plants get some sun. Then step back, smile, and enjoy.