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Vegetable Container Gardening - Healthy Organic

RadishWhile it makes just makes sense that you can container garden with herbs and flowers, it makes real cents to add a small vegetable container garden as well.

Radish, carrots, tomatoes and small vegetables are a perfect choice.

Therefore, you should try to choose smaller vegetables.  Radishes, carrots, tomato’s and off course  indoor Avocado or herbs like Thyme and Basil

Mantis ComposT-Twin

Small fruits like strawberries or even grapes are grown in containers like  that don’t take up a lot of space are preferable.Herbal Container Gardens
Also, you’ll need to be very careful about how many plants you put in each container. After all, the size that your vegetables will grow to depends on how much room they have to grow, and how many other plants they’ll have to compete with for nutrients, water, and sunlight. If you make sure that you have enough room for what you’ve planted, then you should be successful at container vegetable gardening.

Limited Space - Vegetable Container Gardens Just Make Good Cents!

Sunlight for Cash - a Great Trade!

Instead of budgeting for more groceries, grow a vegetable container garden and budget for sunlight. While flowers often differ in the amount of sunlight they need to thrive, your container vegetables will need a minimum of five hours of light each day to produce. For the healthiest vegetables, in most cases you'll want to up the ante to eight to ten hours of sunlight each day.

Radishes, green beans, tomatoes, and peppers are big savers! .

You'll want fast producing vegetables that won't take up a lot of space in your vegetable container garden.

Give Your Vegetable Container Garden Room to Grow and Watch Your Savings Mushroom!

Don't cramp the style of your vegetable container garden. How well your vegetables produce depends on the room you give them to grow. In addition, be sure that you plant mixed vegetables with compatible and friendly neighbors.

Each variety should be similar in light, water, and nutrient needs as well as temperament. For instance, if you're tempted to add an herb like mint to your vegetable container garden, don't! Mint is a very competitive and invasive plant that will stage a take over and deplete your vegetable savings in no time!

Just like any money market, your container vegetable garden will thrive under the right conditions and in due time you'll have a great return on a small investment. With a little planning, you can bank on the savings you get from a vegetable container garden.

 Savings mushroom with container vegetable gardens

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