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Tomato Container Gardens - Key to a Great Salad

Tomato plants in a ContainerTomato container gardening allows you to enjoy the luxury of Fresh Produce and save money at the same time. A tomato plant will when treated right give you such an abundant crop that it's suitable even if you live in a Small Space. Yes a vegetable garden is not the privilege of a happy few. A vegetable garden in a container is small but can produce high quality products.

Limited Space  - Many Options


If you have limited space in your garden, or live in an apartment building you may think that you cannot grow tomatoes. Not so, many alike have proven the opposite. It does pay off, and it's great to see nature do its job. You will be able to enjoy fresh tomatoes in your salad this year. Container tomato gardening is quickly growing in popularity as people who live in small spaces are realizing that they can still grow vegetables. Save money and enjoy the relaxing way plants grow. No effort, no pressure they live and produce what they are intended for.

If you live in a small apartment container gardening is a perfect choice for you. Together with your tomatoes, think of growing some fresh herbs and some small vegetables. It's an astonishing experience to have great tasting fresh products, mix a salad and not spend a dime. Well if you add cheese, a cow or goat may be not the right choice for a small apartment. Tomato plants do very well in a large container with a basil, a parsley and perhaps a small pepper plant.


Container TomatoesThere are a lot of little things to improve production, but one of the main point is to place only one tomato plant per five gallon pot or bucket. In this case more means less. Be sure that your bucket or pot has holes in the bottom for drainage. You should place rocks in the bottom of the pot for drainage before placing soil in the pot. Then you can plant plant and watch you food grow.

You may want to control the size of your tomato plant so that it will produce a lot of fruit. You will have to prune "suckers" off of your plant. Suckers grow in the V between the stalk of the plant and another branch. By pruning the suckers, your plant will control its size and focus on producing more fruit. Not a difficult task at all.

You will also have to stake your tomato plant so it has somewhere to grow to. You can use a variety of staking methods including a tomato cage, a bamboo stake, or small wooden stake. You will have to tie your plant to the stake and watch it as it grows. This will prevent the plant from falling over when it is heavy with fruit.

Tomato container gardening is an excellent choice for people who do not have access to an outdoor garden. People who live in apartments can also enjoy the fresh taste of a vine ripened tomato with just a few simple steps.

This doesn't mean the experienced gardener can't join in. Containers are very good to grow in because you can place them easily in the exact right location.

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