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Native Seed/SEARCH

Native Seeds/SEARCH is a non-profit organization that seeks to preserve the crop seeds that connect Native American cultures to their lands. Their tagline is "Ancient Seeds for Modern Needs". Native Seeds/SEARCH began in the Southwest United States and, as the interest in growing heirloom seeds grows, has spread as far east as the Carolinas and as far north as Montana.


The Flathead Indian Reservation is an area of 1,250,000 acres (5,058 kmē) of forested mountains and valleys just west of the Continental Divide. It is home to the Bitterroot Salish, Kootenai and Pend d'Oreilles Tribes, also known as the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation.

Located slightly southeast of Polson, Pablo (population 1800) is the seat of the Flathead Indian Reservation government. Polson (population 3300), the first settlement on Montana's Flathead Lake (circa 1840) is part of the Flathead Indian Reservation. With a population of 3300, Polson is planted in a cozy hollow at the south end of Flathead Lake and is the trading center for one of Montana’s most fertile farming areas.

Gardener Vickie Hitchcock writes:

"I am in the process of growing a test garden for Native Seed/SEARCH here in Western Montana, between Polson and Pablo. I am growing true Heirloom Seed varieties of vegetables and melons. All the seeds for Native Seed/SEARCH are grown completely organically!

So far so good! We've had a very rainy June, which really helped. The peas, which I started indoors early are giant! I have them in their own raised bed.

A few years ago, we also grew some squash for Native Seed/SEARCH. All got to a very nice size, but the amazing thing was that we kept them right in our hot houses through the winter with the wood stoves blazing and not one of them spoiled all winter and into the spring! "

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