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The Perfect Strawberry

After years of successful vegetable and flower gardening, I decided to try my green thumb at a Strawberry Patch. I did everything wrong, from planting to pruning. Of course being it was the first year, I didn’t get a harvest anyway.


Totally frustrated, and not knowing that strawberries were biennial, I just let the patch go, but the next spring I got a crop!

One beautiful strawberry.

My strawberry isn't pictured here. The picture at right is a mere representation of the magnificence of my strawberry.

I watched that strawberry daily and it grew… and it grew. It was a glorious specimen. The PERFECT strawberry. When it got to be about the size of a golf ball, it began to ripen and I really watched it closely, waiting for the day when I would finally get a harvest (albeit a small one) from my strawberry patch. Finally, I looked at that strawberry one last time and decided to let it ripen one more night and pick it in the morning.

The next morning I strode triumphantly to my berry patch, mouth watering in anticipation.

My strawberry was gone!


A sudden movement in a small tree near my garden caught my attention. Up above me sat a squirrel with my perfect strawberry between his paws. He nibbled at that berry, savoring its sweetness and turning it a tiny bit with each bite… eating it like a person eats an apple. He looked at me as if to say, “Ha ha… My perfect strawberry!”

I swear — he was even smacking his lips! Despite my dismay, I still had to laugh at the bravado the little clown showed.

That day I purchased a book on how to grow strawberries so that, in subsequent years, the squirrel and I could both quench our strawberry craving.

Learn how to grow your own Perfect Strawberry!

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