Your Year Around Flower and Garden Guide

Gardening Alternatives

Modern gardening alternatives make gardening an accessible activity for all.

Whether your gardening hurdle is time, space, a physical problem, or just an intemperate temperature zone, you don't need to pull up stakes!

Thomas Edison's observation that, "Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration," is never truer than when quoted about gardening alternatives. Although gardening once meant long hours of toiling under the hot summer sun, those who perspired in the past used their experience and their 1% inspiration to bring modern gardeners a warehouse of gardening innovations in tools, gardening equipment, and new ideas.

Those who spend long hours on-the-job enjoy gardening tools like self-watering planters, hydroponic, or aquaponic systems. Once installed, a hydroponic or aquaponic system makes indoor growing nearly maintenance free! Greenhouse gardening makes gardening an enjoyable year-round hobby in every zone whether tropical, temperate or temperamental!

When space is a limitation, window boxes, hanging planters, strawberry pots, and plant stands all help you grow a variety of plants in very small areas, both indoors and out!.

New gardening alternatives include many tools and special garden designs for gardeners who need to adapt their hobby to work around physical constraints. Along with our special needs gardening tips, Gardening Guides articles on raised bed flower gardening and layered gardening offer good ideas on making your garden plan accessible as well.

The menu below provides you with a good start to gardening alternatives. However, don't forget to check our sitemap for even more information on the latest innovations and companion information to make your gardening hobby satisfying year-round.