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Lasagna Gardening - Layered Gardening New View points

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Lasagna or layered gardening is a new name for an old method. Not everyone knows about this old method of course, but it’s the easiest and most natural way of gardening there is. The traditional way of gardening takes a lot of work as you toil to dig out every weed, water your plants every day, spray them to get rid of pests, fertilize with non-organic fertilizer that causes lush but weak growth that attracts more pests - so you have to spray more…get the picture? Most of us have been down that track at some time or other. Sometimes we just give up through sheer exhaustion.

So with lasagna gardening you do layers of stuff to control weeds. Don’t even dig, but place layers of newspaper down to inhibit weed growth. It dies underneath creating good fertilizer. Layer manure over the newspaper - some people use sand, peat moss, or mulch of other types such as grass clippings or leaves. Plant out your flowers or vegetables in small lots, but close together so that they will crowd out any more weeds that grow.

Use cardboard over your paths to keep the weeds down, add more newspaper, dead grass or lawn clippings around your plants to keep in the moisture and the weeds out. You’ll find a bountiful harvest of vegetables and your flowers will be very healthy.

When planting a garden for the first time, simply lay down thick layers of newspaper covered with mulch of dead or even green grass or leaves, hay or straw and then a layer of manure over the top. The worms will eat their way up through the first two to get their favorite munchies, the manure. In the process they will turn it all into the richest mulch you’ve ever seen. Make sure the grass you lay down has no weed or grass seeds in it.

After some weeks, you can scratch down to the newspaper layer - what’s left of it - and plant your seeds. If you do this in the winter, your new garden will be ready to plant come spring. You won’t need to dig or prepare soil in the traditional way. There will be few weeds and the soil will be so fertile that no other fertilizer is necessary. Now this is how gardening is meant to be!

When making paths through the garden, lay down thick cardboard from unwanted cartons and cover it with bark chips or pebbles to stop it blowing away.

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