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Raised Bed Flower Gardening

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Raised bed flower gardening is a convenient and low-maintenance method of growing truckloads of flowers in small spaces for the cost of just a truckload of topsoil.

Be as creative as you like in designing your raised bed flower garden. Use landscape timbers, bricks, stones, or even concrete blocks to build your garden to the exact height that's comfortable for you. Minimize stooping, bending over, and kneeling. You can design your raised bed flower garden to accommodate your needs, even if you must garden from a wheelchair.

Raised bed flower gardening is also a great space saver. Because you walk (or wheel) around a raised bed flower garden, you can plant rows more closely together, cultivate from the sidelines, and produce higher yields of flowers than you ever imagined possible in a small space. Your flowers also stay healthier, up and away from flower-unfriendly lawn applications that ordinarily might leech into their space.

Compacted soil no longer poses a problem with raised bed flower gardening. Working from the sides of the beds, gardeners can easily hand-cultivate without the need of a tiller, plow, or spade. Soil amendments become easier, too, since you won't compact your organic matter as you add it to your garden.

Overcome poor soil and drainage conditions and create a fertile, well-drained environment for your flowers without the expense of installing an underground drainage system. Soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems, used in raised bed flower gardening, direct water only to where your plants need it. In addition, soil doesn't wash away and gardening in the mud becomes a non-issue in raised bed flower gardening.

For low-maintenance, raised bed flower gardening can't be beat. Fallen leaves remain confined in one area. Cleaning yard debris from your raised bed flower gardening takes minutes instead of hours.

Once you've tried raised bed flower gardening, you'll probably want more than one. Consider extending your raised bed area into two or more with pavers. Building a walkway with pavers makes a beautiful visual statement in your landscape and further reduces your raised bed flower garden maintenance by eliminating weeds along your garden path.

If flower gardening is your passion, it's time to get passionate about raised bed flower gardening. Grow healthier, richer flower harvests with less effort for the cost of just a truckload of topsoil when you grow your flowers in a raised bed flower garden.