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Lawn Aeration - The Surefire way to a great Lawn

Fall is the best time for lawn aeration. And aeration is not just a fancy word lawn “addicts” use as an excuse to keep themselves busy.

 It is actually rather important if you fancy a great healthy yard next summer.

So what do they mean by this word, Lawn Aeration? In fact it’s simple. The surface soil tends to stick together, of course because we are playing eating and doing all sorts of things on that surface. So nutrients, water have difficulty penetrating to the deeper layers where the roots are.

Aeration of your lawn has a few advantages. Because water, nutrients, oxygen are passed through the roots they tend to get stronger and grow deeper. Secondly it reduces the compacting of the soil, which will also contribute to a healthier lawn that will be not only an eye catcher, but also better able to withstand the challenges it faces in the summer months.

A power aerator is the most efficient way to bring this about. But for the little garden Aeration Shoes will do. Put then on walk across the lawn a few times and have a cup of coffee contemplating a job well-done.

Really there is not more to is. Aeration Shoes are available at Yardiacs. They have the best price/quality ratio here.
After you finish Aerating get all the loss lying grass of the lawn.

Do that with a simple old fashioned rake. Yes there are more high-tech methods around but we suggest keeping that money in your pocket.

Then seed and fertilize your lawn, cover bares pots with compost and reseed. Stop watering when the temperatures drop below 37 degrees.