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Annuals - Fast Growing and often Abundantly Blooming

Annuals are programmed to flower, set seed pods and mature seed in short order.

Flowering Annuals are  a perfect landscaping tool as well. When you need some quick fillers use them abundantly while you prepare a new garden design.

The planting time for annuals varies according to climate and plant. Cool-season annuals like Sweat Pea and Floss Flower (Ageratum) grow best when both weather and soil are cool.

It depends on your hardiness zone but in my experience Floss flower can bloom from early spring until autumn.

The Marigold and Sunflower Pot Marigoldare typical late bloomers. The Sunflower tells the story of the oncoming change of season with so much style and dignity that a slight onset of nostalgia autumn can bring about will vanish to thin air.

Snapdragons and Pansies Sunflowe
If you want to make the most of them you must – deadhead them, snap off faded blossoms before the plant can make seed.

That way new blossom will replace the old ones. In fact you have made the plant believe it hasn’t finished yet.

f you prune faded foliage as well, you can even have them bloom with more exuberance.