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Plant a stunning display with bulk flower seeds.

The most popular way to bring color into a garden is by using flowers. However, planting a wide variety of flowers can get expensive. A cheaper alternative to buying seedlings and established plants for transplanting is by purchasing bulk flower seeds. Bulk flower seeds are an excellent value for the number of flowers that they produce.

Bulk flower seeds are an excellent idea if you have a large area that you would like to fill with blooms. Broadcasting flower seeds over a large garden area fills your garden space with blooms for the entire summer.

The same as seeds in packets, bulk flower seeds cover a variety of special situations, containing special mixes for butterfly gardens, sun gardens, shade gardens and mixes designed to create beautiful cut flowers for bouquets. Broadcast a hillside with bulk wild flower seeds to cover a large area and add a naturally gorgeous picture of blooms to your landscape.

Often, bulk flower seeds come as annuals; however, perennial seeds are also included in many bulk seed mixtures. Some of the most common types of flower seeds that you can buy in bulk are Alyssum, Aster, Marigolds Daisy, and Zinnias, although there are many more varieties available than those listed.

Find bulk flower seeds in your favorite flower seed catalog, at your local garden supply store, favorite nursery, or online shop. No matter where you find them, you'll surely enjoy the wide variety of colors and blooms that bulk flower seeds bring to your garden.

One type of bulk seed planting that's rapidly growing in popularity is the flower seed mat.