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Find everything you need in a flower seed catalog.

Starting the majority of your plants by seed not only saves money but also yields great satisfaction as you watch your seedlings grow. If you are looking for the widest selection of flower seeds, you may have to look beyond your local garden center to a flower seed catalog where you'll normally find huge selections of every type of flower seed.

Browse a flower seed catalog to fulfill you own special needs.

No matter what type of plant you are looking for, or what zone you live in, you will be able to find what you need in a flower seed catalog. Flower seed catalogs are an excellent place to find flower seeds for your specific garden needs. Shade or sun, annuals or perennials, flower seed catalogs offer flower seeds for every type of garden and every type of environment. In fact, although called "flower seed catalogs", most offer a gardener's compendium of vegetable seeds as well as flower seeds!

Not only can you find vegetable and flower seeds in a flower seed catalog but also you'll often find everything you need to start and grow your seeds, from water soluble fertilizers to special tools like covered starter trays.

In addition, most mail order companies, as well as many online retailers offer free flower seed catalogs that you can send for and have delivered to your home to browse at your convenience. Of course, the benefit of shopping an online flower seed catalog is that you can browse the selections and immediately place your order when you've chosen your seeds, allowing for faster delivery.

When you are looking for the newest hybrids and unique cultivars, the flower seed catalog is the place to start. Full of all sorts of interesting plants, the flower seed catalog offers the gardener a chance to plow new fields and experience "something completely different" in gardening.