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Experience the ease of planting with a flower seed mat.

Are you long on wanting a flower garden and short on time to plant one?

Do you find many flower seeds fiddly especially when planting instructions suggest shallow depths and fractional spaces between miniscule seeds?

Try a flower seed mat. Flower seed mats let you plant easily and quickly. Simply loosen the soil in your garden space, roll out the seed mat and water. That's all there is to it! Flower seed mats contain the seeds and everything they need to grow, except water.

How do flower seed mats work?

Flower seeds are all pre-spaced and sandwiched between two pieces of organic tape. When you water the flower seed mat, be sure to water it very well, saturating all pieces of organic tape to enable the mat to conform to the shape of the underlying soil in your garden plot.

Because the seeds are all pre-spaced on the flower seed mat there's no worry about overcrowding of the seedlings. The organic tape soon disintegrates and completely disappears into the earth.

Although flower seed mats are usually more expensive than bulk flower seeds and flower seed packets, the ease of use and convenience they offer easily offsets the cost for the beginning gardener as well as the experienced gardener who's short on time.

Enjoy your garden from beginning to end.

However you choose to plant them, starting from seeds gives you the full enjoyment of gardening from the time your seedlings emerge from the ground until the end of the season. Starting from seeds gives your garden a good start to healthy growth and a satisfying harvest.