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Plant a rewarding garden with seed packets.

Seed packets are more than just a cost effective way to grow large bunches of flowers and bushel baskets full of vegetables. The backs of them are sown with valuable information on planting, often including light, care, and fertilization requirements. You'll also often find information about the best soil type for your planting, the length of time between planting and germination, specifications on spacing your seeds, mature plant size, and yield information. Of course, the front of most vegetable and flower seed packets pictures the result you should get from your gardening efforts!

When purchasing flower seed packets, along with those for individual cultivars you'll also find those that contain flower seed mixtures. A mixed flower seed packet is an excellent way to create a diverse flower garden with seeds. Whether you've planned a multi-colored garden or one in just a single color, mixed seed packets are an inexpensive way to implement your plan. Some are sold with a variety of cultivars in one color while others contain a single cultivar in many colors and some flower seed packets are filled with a potpourri of both colors and cultivars.

You can also find flower seed packets that contain a mixture of plants to provide you with a specific type of specialty garden. For example, some flower seed packets hold seeds that produce fragrant flowers; some contain mixtures that attract birds and butterflies, and some flower seed packets offer a mixture of seeds that produce plants that attract insects that are beneficial to all the plants in your garden. Seed packets are a rewarding, as well as a very inexpensive way to create a garden.

Start a plant from a seed and watch it grow and bloom in your garden! Once you've experienced the wonder of growing your own flowers, you may want to purchase your favorite annual cultivars in bulk!