Your Year Around Flower and Garden Guide

Gardening Basics

If you feel clueless about gardening, our Beginner Gardening Primer will help you unearth the mystery behind the home garden. First we assemble our cast of characters, the seven elements of a successful garden. Next we explore the mystique of the home garden as we examine a successful garden plot. Finally, we raise the curtain to introduce our crew of basic gardening tools.

Weed Control can be an issue, remember spring is the best time to beat this problem

And for the more advanced reader we have a complete checklist of all the necessary gardening tools to get the job done.

In gardening we use term that might sound not completely familiar for example we are talking a lot about "annuals". Why are they sometimes a good and sometimes a less then optimal choice.

In fact, we think you'll find our Beginner Gardening Primer so helpful that its worth a repeat performance so we've added it to our free pdf library for you to download and save or print as a handy reference.

Another gardening basic is choosing the right plants. Along with finding varieties that are right for your climate, putting them in the right spot is crucial to growing a successful garden.

Once you've chosen plants, you'll want to know the best methods to plant them. Learn how to find the best resources for flower seed packets, mats, bulk, and catalogue sales and the differences between planting seeds, bulbs, and transplants.

When you have a handle on gardening basics, be sure to stop by Gardening-Guides How to Grow section to pick up the fine points on growing annual and perennial flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

John Erskine said, "I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden." Start your gardening ideas growing by using the links below or see plants Plants A to Z to find specific information on your favorite plants and solve the mystery of growing your garden!