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All About Bulbs: Selection

Ahhhh spring! The bright colors of crocus, tulips, daffodils and narcissus; you know the new season has started and winter is over!Crocus

Spring Flower Gardens - The sun is out

Spring would not be spring without bulb flower gardening. The vibrant colors of an early spring bulb garden just can't be duplicated. Easy to plant and with little maintenance after planting, bulb flower gardening continues to be a favorite worldwide pastime.

After a cold, gray winter, a spring flower garden works magic on your well-being. Easy to grow, bulbs bloom reliably season after season. With just a little work, bulb flower gardening returns your efforts with an array of diverse and colorful blooms.

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Bulb Plants Are Self Contained

Bulb plants are very easy to grow both in the garden and in containers. Because they are so easy to grow, planting bulbs is an excellent way to introduce children to gardening.

The bulb is actually a tiny womb for a flower. In fact, if you split a bulb in half, you probably will see the bud and in some cases, the beginnings of the flower. Everything the flower needs to grow, except water, is contained inside a bulb. All of the nutrients and vitamins are self-contained to ensure successful bloom.

Although the differences between them are slight, many of these flower storehouses that we commonly call bulbs are actually rhizomes, corms and tubers. Look for these labels in addition to "bulbs" when purchasing bulbs.

When selecting bulbs, always choose those that are firm and blemish-free. A good rule of thumb to remember is "the larger the bulb, the larger the bloom."

Selecting Bulbs for Your Spring Flower Garden

Think about when you want color in your bulb flower gardening site. There is an excellent color choice available in tulip bulbs. No matter what type of color design you want to create your choices range from white to pink to even black tulips. Daffodils, although typically sunny yellow, are also found in combinations of yellow and white. Crocuses are commonly white, purple or yellow.Daffodil

Flower Garden Design

There is no need to stick to only one type of bulb, as spring bulbs all complement each other very well. Tulips pair very nicely with daffodils and crocuses are a small plant that add color to the lower end of the garden.

You can extend blooming times by planting different varieties of bulbs also extends bloom times. Bulb varieties exist for every bulb flower gardening season:

When selecting bulbs for bulb flower gardening, the bigger the better. Large bulbs ensure nice, big, healthy blooms. Look for firmness and avoid any with soft spots or other signs of damage. Don't buy bulbs that are cracked or deeply scratched. Keep them in a cool, dry area away from sunlight until you're ready to…